Blogging from my phone

Hello! Maybe two or three of you were wondering where we’ve been. And maybe not, either way, I’ll update you.

I can’t speak for Hannah, she is her own person and has her own eternal soul, but I hope she posts soon (hint, hint).

A week ago I moved to Pittsburgh, PA to start (finally!) my job as a FOCUS missionary. I graduated in December (Praised be Jesus) and am finally at a point in my life where my vocation is not “student”.

So I’m serving (missioning? Working?) at Carnegie Mellon University, which is very exciting and very terrifying.

Important side note: I’m typing this on my phone because we don’t have Internet in our apartment (yet) because my teammate/roommate is a literal saint and doesn’t waste time online.

I would walk down a few blocks and use the Newman Center’s Internet but it’s Pittsburgh so it’s raining and I don’t want to deal with that quite yet.

Also in Pittsburgh people put fries on their salads. So, yes, I like it here.

Please keep the CMU team and all the students here in your prayers and hopefully I’ll write a more substantial post soon.



2 thoughts on “Blogging from my phone

  1. Welcome to Pittsburgh! Yes, it rains/snows every 3 days and the roads are confusing but the wonderful people and the French fry salads make it a wonderful place to be. 🙂

  2. Helloooo Caitlin!
    I’m really glad you’re here in Pittsburgh.
    Your blog has great stuff (I read some of your entries for the first time just now). (Your experiences written in Final Countdown: Getting Nostalgic are really inspiring.)
    See you around!

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