Mountain Spirituality: Guest Author Katherine

This past weekend I drove to see one of the greatest human beings in the world; Katherine. She is a FOCUS missionary in Ft. Collins, CO and I surprised her and she cried and collapsed on the floor and it was great.

One of the adventures we took part in was driving to St. Walburga’s Abbey and doing nature things. We looked at mountains, climbed rocks, used walking sticks, spit into some rapids, etc.

While it was all fun and good, Katherine is never one to just have a fun time. She is intentional to a T, and took a moment to drop some theological brilliance on me. So afterwards I asked her to write it down, send it to me, and (without her permission) I’m posting it to our blog. Friendship!


One of my first days in Fort Collins, my friend Devon took me on a mini hike to watch the sun set behind a mountain range that sat behind Horsetooth Reservoir. It was breath-takingly beautiful. Devon, an artist, sat and sketched the scene while I sat, taking part in one of my personal past-times; silently crying.

I looked at the mountains and felt an ache deep in the pit of my stomach. Coming from someone who has never lived anywhere other than the flatlands of Nebraska, the mountains were such a beautiful and glorious reminder of God’s magnificence and majesty. Then it hit me. Those mountains only exist to give God glory. They never offend Him, never betray Him. The mountains never cease to move hearts to wonder and awe and gratitude toward their creator. I thought of Christ and His love for me, and couldn’t understand that He loves me more than he loves those mountains. So I cried.

Those mountains never sin. The mountains never choose to do anything other than glorify God. But God didn’t become man to draw those mountains into a loving relationship with Him. Christ died for me, not the mountains. Even though I routinely choose to turn from God and sin against Him, He never stops choosing me. He always chooses me, and He chooses to sacrifice Himself for me, and not the mountains. That realization is what brought me to tears. The frustration at why God would choose me, a sinner, over the ever-glorifying mountains, in all honesty, pissed me off. Why would He ever choose me? Why don’t I always choose Him? So I cried.

That night God revealed a bit more of His love to me through that sunset behind those mountains. And maybe that’s why He made the mountains, too. Not just to show off his own grandeur, but to showcase His preference for you and for me. His glory is the love He has for His children. So, look at the mountains and know that God chooses you, just as you are, over the mountains.





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