Happy Monday!

A big fat thanks to everyone who reads this blog! I got a crazy amount of response in regards to the latest post and I am so glad it connected with readers. That’s always a worry I have, I know I am passionate about what I’m writing about, but do other people care? Yes, yes they do, apparently.

So thank you for reading and commenting and sharing. Praise God.

Also, do you want more blogs to read? I thought you did.

This blog is written by my friend Emily who is a ray of sunshine and a great FOCUS missionary to boot. She is hilarious and insightful and she writes exactly how she speaks, and I love it.

This blog is written by a former FOCUS missionary who fearlessly led me to Jesus. She is handling unemployment with maturity and grace way beyond her age. She is amazing and you should read her first post (and then encourage her to write more!).



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