Fingernails, siblings, Syria, etc

I really missed writing but I was coming up dry when I was brainstorming topics. Thankfully, I have facebook and exciting friends who were kind enough to offer ideas.

But instead of making a bunch of post, I’m making one big one. SO GET EXCITED.

Evolution of painting fingernails

I finally found a semi-respectable web source that confirmed an interesting factoid I heard many moons ago about fingernails. There are very specific rules about the treatment of fingernails in Jewish tradition which, according to this website, is because “according to kabbalah, Adam was created with a hard shiny membrane covering his whole body. When he ate from the forbidden tree Adam lost this covering, but it remained on the tips of his fingers and toes.

(Oh, happy fall! ALSO, have you listened to Audrey Assad’s new album? Stop reading this and go do it, and then come back and finish reading this post).

Apparently women have been painting/tinting/artistically enhancing their nails since as early at 3000 BC in China. But it didn’t hit the US until automobiles started getting painting and then women were like, we should use that for our nails (feminine genius). Fast forward, Rita Hayworth made it popular and then young people jumped on board and, voila, modern day nails are a normal fashion.


Joel is my youngest brother, he just turned 12 and he is adopted from South Korea. He is 100% the best part of our family and everyone agrees with me.

Here are some quotes from Joel:

*A text message from Joel via my mom’s cell phone*
“I don’t get why Aragorn is always wet. Is he old or just sweaty?”

*Another text*
“I’m really good at kick the can because LOTR helped at my tracking skills”

*Talking about his new teacher*
“She’s cool, she knows how to lay it down”

*Talking about my friend from Vermont*
“She’s cool in a jazzy kind of way. Like…smooth and jazzy”

He also wanted the school uniform to be cassocks.

He won an award at school for Model of Christian Charity, which we aren’t sure what that means.

He once shouted in a grocery store and asked my Mom what oriental meant (on a package of Raman noodles) and then my Mom cried because she thought it was so hilarious.

He’s the best.


In a shocking turn of events, I do not know much about Syria because I am an uneducated college student who detests the news because I can’t read something that isn’t biased (either way) and it makes me raaage.

But here’s a semi-unbiased article about Syria: 9 Questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask

But here is my opinion: I dislike all this drone nonsense that the Obama Administration is all about, I have always disliked it and will continue to. I need more time to read and learn, but if you tell me in comments that you’d like me to write a post about Syria, I will do that.

Feel free to submit suggestions in the comment section.


One thought on “Fingernails, siblings, Syria, etc

  1. oh I am so happy to have found a catholic college student’s blog!! yay!

    and I’m also crazy elated that you mentioned Audrey Assad! I literally just called my local KC Christian radio station to encourage them to play her new album. “You Speak” has become my theme song haha, and I really think others need to here her message. But anyways! Love this blog, cannot wait to read more, keep doing what you’re doing because it’s crazy beautiful and inspiring! (:

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