Our very first link-up!

Because I’m engaged, and getting married in 89 days (yay!), I’ve started reading a lot of mom blogs.

A LOT of mom blogs.

And they are awesome.

So, when I saw the Camp Patton et al. link up for What I Wore Sunday, Easter edition and Open to Interpretation all in one beautiful little set, I thought, why not?

Below you will find David and I in our Easter best! Forgive the puffy face on my part, as I was getting (am getting) over a freaking annoying cold and my face puffed up all funny.


Dress: Target
Sweater: Forever 21
Heels: Jessica Simpson via Dillards
Necklace/Earrings: Presents from David

For you men readers out there…
Suit: Joseph A. Bank
Tie: Younkers
Shoes: Dillards (Calvin Klein? not sure)

Stay tuned for Caitlin’s outfit!


Camp Patton

4 thoughts on “Our very first link-up!

  1. I see no puff just striking beauty! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. How exciting for you!! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. The best is yet to come. Happy Easter and welcome to the link-up world!!

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