Pope Francis

Simply put, I am in love with Pope Francis. I knew from the moment I heard the name “Francesco” uttered that I would love this man at an intense level. And then he came out, no fancy mozzetta, no golden cross, and a slight look of panic on his face and I knew the entire world would fall in love with him.

Because here is a man who understands humility. His bishop’s crest reads Miserando Atque Eligendo, “Lowly But Chosen”.

Something the modern media couldn’t seem to understand is that no cardinal wants to become Pope. Honestly, who would want to be Pope? You are Enemy #1, you are responsible for every single soul in the entire world, you are running the biggest charitable institution in the entire world, also people hate you and everything you stand for. Not to mention it’s the Church of Christ, the one He founded and you’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill.

But in our modern day of campaigning, gaining, grasping, taking, climbing and clawing, the mentality of “Thy will be done” is completely foreign. The gentle embrace of the Cross cannot be fathomed, how could someone accept the inevitable suffering that will come with this and approach it with such love?

Pope Francis’s timid approach at the balcony, his shy wave, his tentative smile shows us all what an intense responsibility this man has agreed to.

And then he smiled and greeted us, and then he asked for our prayers before he blessed us. A friend of mine is in Rome now studying at the NAC and said that the deafening roar of St. Peter’s square went completely silent when Pope Francis bowed in prayer.

I have a lot of feelings about this and will write another blog post about the response of secular media, but for right now, I’m just going to soak up how awesome this is and probably cry some more.




3 thoughts on “Pope Francis

  1. Like it or not, a lot of cardinals, past and present, were/are corrupt, venal, and grasping. Since the Curia has a more or less medieval* attitude towards accountable governance, we’ll never know exactly how bad it is in there, but events like the (lamely-named) Vatileaks scandal should at least give you pause as to the holiness/humility of all those old men in birettas. (I don’t mean to accuse Francesco here of anything, though – if the best the nuts at the NYT can dig up are some half-baked accusations from the 70s he’s probably clean.)

    Also, thanks for not calling him Francis I.

    *Apologies for cliche, but I think it’s justified here. Incidentally, medieval rulers’ courts were “curiae” in the official Latin of the time.

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