An Interview with Hannah


It has come to my (Caitlin) attention that people besides my beautiful mother read this blog. And by other people, I also mean people who don’t actually know us in real life.

Praise God!

So, we wanted to take some time and allow you, our beautiful/handsome readers to get to know us!

1. So, Hannah, you came up with the idea of twocatholicgirls, what was your inspiration? Why on earth did you think we should do this?

To be honest, I think it was sort of a random shower-inspired idea one day. I like blogging and have for a while (thanks to you, Caitlin, who introduced me to the hilarity of the Internet long ago) but never really thought about it as an evangelistic tool I could use for the benefit of others and myself. And to be honest, I never thought people would actually read it. So it was more of a spiritual exercise for myself rather than the beautiful thing it has become.

2. You’ve written a lot of thought provoking and spiritually stimulating posts, out of all of them, which one was your favorite to write? Or, perhaps, which one was the most difficult to write but in the end the most rewarding?

I think my post about Leggings Are Not Pants has to be my favorite and was the most difficult at the same time. I had a hard time writing the post because, I honestly see why women wear them and why it is difficult to not go along with what everyone else is doing. But, I knew that someone needed to really delve into WHY there are legitimate reasons not to wear them. It was spiritually and emotionally taxing to write because I knew the responses weren’t going to be the most positive of all of my posts. But I completely stand by what I wrote in that post and I’m happy I got the feelings off of my chest.

3. Who is your favorite saint and why? Please answer in complete sentences

Easy question – St. Kateri of Tekakwitha is by far and away my favorite saint. I’ve had a special devotion to her (you could say I was a hipster fan, because I liked her back when she was a Blessed…teehee…) since I was young, and she’s been one of my best friends ever since. She is the patron saint of a Catholic youth camp here in the diocese of Lincoln, and so I got to know her going to summer camp there, and just haven’t been able to know enough about her since. She quietly models what I want to be as a woman – natural, honest, humble, and completely devoted to loving Jesus and bringing Him into my life, no matter the cost. She’s one of few saints from the Americas, too, which is great – and I just get really excited even thinking about her. I feel like I can really tell her anything, and I like to think we’re going to give each other big hugs when I get to Heaven (God willing). She’s awesome and you should all investigate her.

4. What is your favorite liturgical season?

Ohh, good question. I would say that Lent is probably my favorite liturgical season, just because I feel like the most movement and growth in my spiritual life happens during Lent. I absolutely love praying the Stations of the Cross, and can’t get enough of all the different spiritual readings and reflections out there for us to meditate upon. I love spending 40 days meditating upon how much our Lord was willing to suffer so me, a sinner, could be with Him forever someday. Also, redemptive suffering is totally worth it.

5. Why do you think things like blog posts and podcasts (new media platforms) are so effective in the New Evangelization?

I think they are effective because young people are the ones who are searching for truth, and they are the ones most present on the internet, using blogs and podcasts not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes. I think it also has a bigger impact than people expected because of its accessibility. Before the internet (a time which I don’t really know), it had to be somewhat difficult to find modern people speaking about Catholic things – or perhaps you just had to try a lot harder than you do now. Any time I want to, I can download Fr. Mike Schmitz’s homilies and listen to them while I work out, access the Vatican website and read the Pope’s daily addresses, or subscribe to a great Catholic blog and get emailed every time they post (wink, wink). It’s just so right there and ready for me that it gives the average student/young adult absolutely no reason not to investigate their faith and learn more about it.

6. If you could have infinite knowledge and research abilities (also, more time) what would be your dream blog post? The “white whale,” if you will (English major allusions).

This is such a hard question to answer. I think if I had infinite knowledge and research abilities, I would want to write a condensed version of every philosophical proof for the existence of God. I’m not a philosopher, nor have I ever studied philosophy more than surface deep, so a post like that would take a ton of research and time to make sense of it myself and then convert it to blog form. I’ve had many priests and teachers give me basic run-downs of different proofs for the existence of God (St. Thomas Aquinas’ 5 proofs, for example) but never had to convert them to my own thoughts and processes to relate them to someone else. I would want to make it the post of all posts, though, not just do one at a time, so that if someone searched on the internet for a concise summary of the Catholic proof for existence of God, they could find it and read it in 10 minutes and be convinced (ideally, of course). But like I said, that would take a ton of time and brain power that I don’t have right now (school, work, and prepping for a wedding are kind of time-suckers).

Thanks again for reading and commenting!
C + H


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