An Interview with Caitlin


Because there are two of us, here’s are questions by Hannah, answered by Caitlin.

1. Who are you, and why are you so cool?

I’m Caitlin Rose Cecilia, my parents made me cool because they literally made me. I honestly don’t know how I got to be so cool. I definitely have to credit my brothers because they are funny and I want to be just like them. It also helps that I have amazing friends who (for some reason) encourage my behavior. Also, being made in the image and likeness of God certainly helps with the whole cool thing.

2. In your opinion, what’s the most inspiring part about the Catholic faith?

GOSH, all of it?

Well, definitely the fact that it’s been around for thousands of years and has outlasted dynasties and empires and wars and revolutions, etc. There’s something to be said about Tradition and the indomitability of our scrappy Church. What else is inspirational about the Catholic faith is how it continues to inspire others. From five-year-olds who are caught up in the excitement of bells and smells, to 85-year-olds who are reminded of the Truth; it truly is a faith for all ages.

3. Do you consider yourself an evangelist? Why or why not?

I hope and pray that I am an evangelist. I mean, that’s the job of the Church, constantly bringing more souls to Christ. What I really love about the New Evangelization is that it makes being an evangelist more attainable. We literally have no excuse not to share the faith simply because there are millions of ways for us to do it.

4. How much do you love the Mass? Details, please!

So much. I love Mass so much.

I don’t mean to geek out about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but it’s when Heaven and Earth meet, Jesus is brought down, we consume Him, it’s great.

Also, here’s something that blows my mind every time I think about it: Mary went to Mass. I just…can’t even…fathom it. She would have gone to (essentially) the same Mass we are attending now, she would have re-received Christ in the form that we receive Him. I don’t know, next time you think Mass is boring I just want you to image Mary, the Mother of God, patiently waiting to re-receive her beloved Son.

One of my greatest pet peeves is when people tell me that Mass is boring or that they don’t get anything out of it, mostly because I was the queen of that in high school. If you think Mass is boring, you are making it boring. You are literally receiving the God of the Universe who would go through His passion again just for you.

5. What’s the most personal area of Catholicism to write about for you? Are there any issues you’d like to talk about but feel unqualified to do so?

All of them! But seriously, we live in a world that tells us never to talk about religion so sometimes it’s still hard for me to be like, alright, Caitlin, time to be authentic and put your opinion on the internet where anyone can and will rip into it. It’s beautiful and humbling for sure.

I am gearing up to write a post about contraception and a post about the dangers of assigning genders to certain sins…and they are really difficult topics. It’s hard because I’m not a medical expert (I’m literally not an expert at anything) or a theologian so I want to be able to articulate facts correctly and Church doctrine but also realize that individuals way smarter than me have been trying to write similar topics for years. I know that I’m called to work hard and let the Holy Spirit work through me, and as long as I present these topics with love, then it’ll be a success.

6. Who is your favorite Catholic/Christian writer? Who inspires you to write, in other words?

I’m reading “Heart of the World” by Hans Urs von Balthazar and it is blowing my mind. His use of language is unparalleled and his grasp of the Catholic faith is inspiring. Also I really like Tolkien (obviously) and Lewis (also obviously) and Blessed John Paul the Great and Mother Teresa and Fr. Timothy Gallagher. It really depends on what my soul is hungry for and how invested I am in the topic.

7. What’s the best way for our readers to join the New Evangelization?

Just join it. I mentioned this earlier, but it is so easy to reach out to people these days because of the magic of the internet. The issue is that we stay “connected” to people on such a superficial level and then become comfortable with that distance. Penn Jillette, famous magician and atheist, in an interview once recounted the story of a very nice Christian man who would come up to him (Penn) after every show and ask if he could share the Gospel with him. What struck Penn about was this man’s loving persistence to share what was important to him. This man truly believed that Jesus is the Christ, that God exists, that God loves His children etc. Penn said something along the lines of, “how much do you have to hate someone to not share this with them?”

So that’s stuck with me, which is one reason why I embraced this blog with such enthusiasm, if this can be another way of presenting the Gospel to others then I definitely need to do my part.

H + C


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