This Post Is Not About Abortion

Okay, you might look at the title of this and be like, okay, Hannah, that’s just a ploy to get me to read a post about abortion, even though you say it isn’t.

But I promise, this post is not about abortion. This post is about babies.

As a young college woman engaged to be married in less than 156 days (who’s counting?), I think about babies a lot. It probably takes up too much of my free time, to be honest, and a whole lot more of my should-be-productive time. I have dreams about giving birth, I have lists of baby names (both mentally and physically) – I just really love babies. All of my roommates can attest to this, including Caitlin.

I want the world to love babies as much as I do.

Now, I’m not talking about in view of abortion (although that is a valid and important way to love babies, OF COURSE). I’m talking about just in general, I think there’s a lack of appreciation for new life on this big planet and especially in our country.

The news is filled with predictions of over-population, every attempt every created in order to avoid new life, and there are rarely positive reactions in the media or pop culture to news of a baby. Every other ad on TV is a way to prevent pregnancy. Rarely are ads even for baby products put in light of a parent being fulfilled and happy with their child or amazed at their being.

How silly is that? God has given us the wonderful, magical, and sometimes unbelievable ability to participate in creation with Him and create new life through an act of love. Two big people…two adults…can make a small person. (Just let that sink in. My roommates and I love to repeat that back and forth to each other, just thinking about the amazing reality that it is. They can make a small person.)

Being Catholic, I have an advantage of a pro-baby culture surrounding me. I read a couple of Catholic women blogs that drive me bonkers with how wonderful and honest they are about parenting and the beauty of having children! My current favorite I’ll share with you here – Ginny Sheller is a homeschooling mom and she presents a fantastically honest look at her everyday life. (Plus her photos are pretty, and I love pretty photos). Link is here, if you want to check her out. (She has lots more wisdom and experience than I think I ever will have, so if you enjoy reading us, you’ll definitely love her.)

Back to the miracle of two big people. They can make a small person! Two people who love each other can produce, out of their love, a sentient, soul-filled being who will one day have their own memories, a job, a first love, a broken bone, a night where they can’t stop laughing because everything is too funny, a love of cats or dogs or parakeets, a hankering for pickles or sauerkraut or honey! Those two people have NO idea how their child is going to turn out, or how they will love them, or how many times they will have to send them to time out, or anything of the sort. But through a miracle, they still have the ability to create, with God’s divine intervention, a rational and eternal being with a soul.

Seriously, how freaking cool is that?

I am obviously looking forward to becoming a mother. I don’t know when that will be (I’m leaving that up to Him), but I know that it will change my life. I hope to think about the amazingness of the ability God has given me to help create a person each and every day, and especially on the days when I am frustrated or upset or tired. I want to remember the indescribable miracle that was the gift God gave us to help in creation with Him. I want to appreciate it even when I don’t want to, you know?

Comment if you love babies!!!


2 thoughts on “This Post Is Not About Abortion

  1. It truly is amazing and babies are most certainly wonderful. I work at a daycare in a domestic violence shelter and since starting that job 4 years ago have fallen in love with children. Despite how frustrating they can be sometimes, they are always able to redeem themselves simply by their existence and beyond cute things they say. I love the kiddos of this world! I cannot wait to become a mother and am even more excited to adopt from Africa one day. Life truly is amazing.

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