Three Short Political Opinions (that will probably set fire to the Internetz).

and for that, I apologize, world.

  1. Perhaps it is my new-found obsession with Doctor Who, or the fact that it’s been too long since I’ve gone stargazing, but I want to know why people in the world aren’t more interested in space research. I know Caitlin agrees with me on this but like…seriously…how amazing and wonderful would it be to find other life in this universe? Xavier Dumusque, a graduate student at the Geneva Observatory just discovered the closest thing they’ve found to Earth in the solar system Alpha Centauri, which is the Sun’s closest neighbors (only 4.4 light years away! A quick day trip!) and no one seems to even notice. Thinking about life on other planets and the vastness of the universe always lifts my mind to God and how amazing His creation is – and that’s just what I know of it so far. How much more would I appreciate it if we actually found life somewhere else? (And let’s be honest, what are the odds we’re the only ones? Seriously slim, right?) COME ON, NASA!
  2. I think the general American public is starting to see through the ridiculousness that is the two-party political system. In a simpler, grounded age, two parties seemed to suffice. But with the amount of different-opinioned voters in this country in our day and age, political opinion simply has to be more than that. There is no way our country is split half and half into people who think this way and people who think that way. It just doesn’t happen. (Frankly, I’d argue that it never did, but that’s beside the point). I don’t want to start a heated debate about its pros and cons, but I’ve just noticed a recent trend on the Internet, in the news, and even in my daily life of people commenting on the futility of our two-party system. Perhaps I will live long enough to see it abolished. Perhaps not. I can only pray, right?
  3. Planned Parenthood does NOT provide mammograms. I went to their website to research this a little further (after reading both on CNN and The Guardian that claims of PP providing mammograms were false). Planned Parenthood has information about mammograms, tips on when and how to get them, and then directed me to search my zip code to find out if the location nearest me offered mammograms. I went to my location and under “Women’s Health Services” it lists “breast exams” and “mammogram referrals”. I searched a whole bunch of other zip codes both near and far from where I am, and every single one of them said mammogram referrals. None of them offered actual mammograms. So, Barack Obama, when you argue for continued government funding to a service that you say provides health care to women that is vital to them, I’d advise actually talking to the company you’re representing and finding out if what you claim is true. Otherwise Planned Parenthoods across the country are going to get an influx of angry women wondering why their President claimed they could receive mammograms there when in fact they’ll just be redirected to another source for the service they want.

Discuss at will.


3 thoughts on “Three Short Political Opinions (that will probably set fire to the Internetz).

  1. What implications does life on other planets have for our teaching on the Incarnation and man’s redemption?

    Did Jesus go to other planets too?


  2. I would like to add that George Washington was incredibly anti-two-party that after he served his time as President he begged the American people to not to form parties. One job, guys.

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