I Love Canada – the Catholic Reasons

Hello, all.

For reasons I shall not disclose to the Interwebz, I have recently spent some time across the border-to-the-north, good ole Canada. And I LOVE it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am about as patriotic as it gets. I have considered dying my hair the colors of the American flag, and have often licked the flag because I love it so much. Okay, neither of those are true, but I love ‘Merica.

But while that stands, I have found certain things that I admire/like about Canada. And so, here’s a list.

1. Almost every single town in the Quebec region is named after a saint. And let’s be real, saints are like the best group of BFFs you could ever ask for. I don’t know much about the French people who settled here originally, but from their town names, I’m guessing they liked saints. From lots of normal saints to the most out-there names you’ve ever heard, they’ve got it all. I love seeing the next town name come up and being able to say a quick prayer to the ACTUAL SAINT IT WAS NAMED AFTER.

2. Every little town has an amazingly beautiful stone church and cemetery. Now, I’m not sure how much of you realize my intense love for old churches and the history they carry in their benches and stone floors. Let me tell you, I adore them. They are so beautiful and peaceful and lots of times look a little lonely all by themselves with no activity around them. It’s just simply beautiful. In almost every little town (even the ones that aren’t named after saints) there is one of these churches here in Canada. I can’t even handle it. I’m not traveling alone, so I don’t have the freedom to pull off and stop at every one like I’ve wanted to, but I just about start drooling every time I see one. I want to take a picture of each one and set them on my wall to look at every day. Hopefully I will get to stop in one at least once while I’m here someday.

3. Blessed (almost saint!) Kateri Tekakwitha. While driving into Montreal one of the days, I saw the sign for her memorial. I LEGITIMATELY ALMOST STARTED CRYING I WAS SO HAPPY AND YET INSTANTLY SO DEPRESSED THAT I COULDN’T SEE IT. Now, I know I just shared that with the internet, but you honestly cannot fathom how much I love Kateri and how much we are BFFs. Like…we are soul-mates in the religious sense of the word. We are so alike, yet she is also so much smarter than me in all the ways I suck, so it’s perfect. She is wonderful and I love her. If you don’t know about her, RESEARCH, my friend. The internet can be used for things other than reading random posts by crazy Catholic girls.

That’s all I got for now. I’m sure I’ll come up with some other reasons why I love Canada, but for now, au revoir!



2 thoughts on “I Love Canada – the Catholic Reasons

  1. This blog post caught my eye since I’m as patriotic a Canadian as you are an American. Hate to burst your bubble though…….Quebec is THE most secular province in Canada – even their swear words are variations of Catholic terms. What you saw are the remnants of Quebec’s Catholic origins but not Quebec’s thinking. Most of those lovely stone churches are Protestant – a nod to our British heritage. What you didn’t get to see: Martyr’s Shrine in Midland, Ontario, where the first Jesuit priests from France were martyred by the Iroquois in 1649 (St. Jean de Brebeuf and his companions) and who are now Canadian saints. St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto, Ontario. St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, Quebec where St. Brother Andre was doorkeeper and healed hundreds of people. Hope you get a chance to come back again.

  2. Just found your blog and I’m so glad I did! I’m 1/2 of a (Canadian) Catholic blogging team and will be moving into a community house under the patronage of St. Teresa in the fall! So cool..
    Madonna House in Combermere, Ontario is also a grace-filled spot! Check out our blog if you have a chance..


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