Roundhouse kick of Truth!

When Easter comes around, I can expect three things to happen:

1. Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection

2. Celebrating those momentous occasions

3. The History Channel and other media sources pulling the Jesus card to increase sales.

We found the bones of Christ! No you didn’t We found a NEW GOSPEL! No you didn’t We found the offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the siblings of Jesus and…no, no you didn’t.

And I am not disappointed!

This year features a creepy claymation white bread Jesus on the cover of Newsweek.

(Along with HIDDEN STORIES OF THE TITANIC, which unless it involves aliens or zombies, I don’t care about)

I’m not even that upset that they dressed Jesus as a watered-down hipster, I just don’t understand why He’s white. I digress.

Newsweek actually has a long history of Jesus-themed-Easter-season covers. Here’s the deal. Jesus magazine covers sell, and they sell big

Why is that?

We are hungry for the Truth. This is why people watch documentaries about the “hidden” gospels and we buy The DaVinci Code. We want Truth.

So what happens on Easter? We are slapped in the face by Truth. This man who died three days ago, comes back from the dead. Back from the DEAD. What? It’s crazy, it’s madness, it doesn’t make sense. But it’s True. And what does He do before that? He is tortured and murdered for us. And what does He do before that? He is publicly humiliated over and over again. And what does He do before that? He turns bread and wine into His Body and His Blood.

Holy Week is essentially a giant drop-kick of Truth.

A drop-kick that is hard to accept. Thomas, an apostle of Christ, didn’t believe right away. Good thing we have all kinds of Scriptural references to keep us on track: The Eucharist (Matt 26:26, John 6:25-71, 1 Cor 11:23-31), Confession ( 2 Cor 5:18, Mt 9:6-18, Luke 17:3, John 20:21-23, John 5:16-17, James 5:16) and Apostolic succession (Acts 15:7, Mt 16:19, John 21:17, Acts 1:20).

But our society is big on finding and accepting Jesus and then doing your own thing. It’s like listening to a leader, loving Him, and wanting to be like Him, but when He gives you this gift of Community and Communion, you decide what you have is good enough.

It’s exactly like that, actually. There isn’t a better example, so I used the actual situation.

But here is what I’ve decided. If Newsweek covers and History Channel documentaries are going to lead people to Jesus, then that’s great. If those things jump start your search for Truth, praise God.

Eventually all of our searching for truth leads us to the ultimate Truth, which is Christ and His Church.

So as Easter is rapidly approaching, ask the question that Pilate asked, “What is Truth?” Then go to Mass and stand face to face with Truth.

And in the words of Becca Smith-Vandergriff,

“Brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ died for you. What are you going to do about it?”




3 thoughts on “Roundhouse kick of Truth!

  1. I think the fact that Anglo-Jesus is a hipster in NYC and the fact this article is by Andrew Sullivan are two totally connected items. Oh, yeah and the fact that Sullivan is saying to forget the Church and follow Jesus is part and parcel of that too.

    For at least 20 years now, there’s been a niche market for thoughts and books on the “pro-Jesus, anti-Christianity” trope. This year we watched that niche go viral. Literally. Well, literally in the YouTube metaphorical meaning of “viral”. The beauty of “Jesus sans Church” is that we can make Jesus into anything we want: hipster, gangster, Communist, Romulan —it doesn’t matter. He’s “my own personal Jesus” as Depeche Mode said. No Church = no doctrine = no interpretation = no limits. This is awesome because now I can make Jesus whoever I want, while skipping over Sacred Tradition (so heady!), or the rest of the NT (so pushy and proselytizing!) or even, if I want, the Gospels themselves (so “not the image *I* have of Jesus”!).

    Andrew Sullivan, wants —no wait, requires— an infinitely rewritable Jesus. Sullivan in the economically-Right, socially-Left, brilliant gay Catholic iconoclastic writer and editor. That’s a lot of skill and a lot of opinion. He’s n


    …He’s not going to wait for some Church or minister to tell him who Jesus is. Jesus seems sufficiently fascinating, and too much “on my side of all opinions”, to want to risk anyone setting themselves between him and “his” Jesus. Whether it’s Tertullian, Luther, today’s mega church pastors, or Sullivan himself, the first thing to be done when making a new Jesus is to deny the right of any Church or person to be able to correct or oppose your version. Therefore: “ignore the churches, follow Jesu”s.

    And frankly, this makes reasonable sense, except for the small probably of History. Jesus isn’t Achilles or Hiawatha or Gandalf. He actually said certain things, did certain things, claimed certain things, and was remembered in a certain way. Can we prove every line of the Gospels happened “just so”? Probably not, but we have no grounds to assert anything else, AND we do know that Jews of the first two centuries didn’t disagree with the Gospel *accounts*, they disagreed on what they meant. Likewise the Roman and Greek secular sources describe a community incredibly similar to how the early Christians described themselves (and quite similar to the Catholic Church of today). You don’t see the Jews shouting “Hey, you guys just started adding this divinity stuff recently!” No, they said, “Heck yeah, Jesus claimed it, and he was killed for his blasphemy!” Likewise, the pagans didn’t say, “Wow, you used to be a small, evangelical, all-inclusive, feeling-sharing self-awareness club. Now, you’re focused, world-defying, doctrinally-rigid, monarchical, international rabble-rousers!” because they hadn’t changed tune significantly between 50 and 250 A.D., and they’d always been, fascinatingly, some mix of those two sets of adjectives I just word-vomited. So, notated how much people want to tell you Christians and Churches are “spinning” Jesus to fit their doctrines, let’s be clear: 1) we all have opinions and we all want our heroes to align to them, but 2) that doesn’t reasonably mean *any* opinion is compatible with said hero, and 3) when you bust on the Church that gave you the documents you use to encounter said hero, you kick down the ladder you’d like to invite people up—up to your lofty, enlightened perch of greater knowledge. Trying to divorce the Man, his message, and his messengers (and their written summary of all three) is intellectual autosarcophagy, that is to say, you cannibalize yourself.

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