Love boldly

Challenge accepted, rosalablanca!

In case you missed it, on the Writer’s Block post she suggested:

I’d like to hear about what you think of homosexuality and the Church in general. Suggestion – resist googling it, looking up articles, et cetera, and just write what you think based on what you know right now without using any outside sources first.

Now, to be fair, I recently spent a lot of time googling Catholic doctrine on homosexuality for my Bible study so I apologize for the unfair advantage.

But, to be even more fair, I will discuss what I think about homosexuality and the Church without using Cathechism quotes (#372, #1605, #1644, #1616) or Biblical references (Genesis).

Instead I will focus on Truth and Love (and then use resources for a later post).

A very wise woman told me that I should always show charity in truth and truth in charity. It is very true. There is no point in loving someone if you aren’t going to be honest with them, and there is no point in being honest if you aren’t doing it out of love.

With that being said, here we go.

I have a family member who died of an AIDS related disease. He died when I was 6-years-old and he is my godfather. His funeral is one of my earliest memories.

I say this not because I want pity, I say this because the issue of homosexuality hits close to home for me.

I have always loved my uncle. His sins, like anyone else’s, do not make me love him any less.

What I dislike about this whole debate is that at some point we as a society decided to start labeling people based on their orientations. We don’t refer to people who are heterosexual as heterosexuals. And, if you believe that homosexual actions (not the state itself, because suffering temptation is not sinful but how we respond to those temptations) are sinful, then we are classifying people by their sins. When did that become okay?

I recently found a Youtube used called Vlogbrothers. It’s two brothers who, instead of sending text related messages, they make video messages and post them on Youtube. They are hilarious and insightful.

This video in particular discusses why our society is so obsessed with the sexual orientation of other people.

So, here’s the deal. I don’t care if you are straight or gay, bisexual or pansexual (whatever that actually means), whatever you are, however you’ve decided to define yourself, I’m going to (through the grace of God) love you as boldly and truly as I can.

I love you,



One thought on “Love boldly

  1. Thank you for your thoughts. This is something that I have come to notice also – a person is never defined by his/her heterosexuality, but is almost always defined by his/her homosexuality in society. This is clearly not how it should be.
    But I wonder if you are going to write a follow-up post? It looks like you planned to do so. Because although this post is insightful, it doesn’t deal very much with the actual issue: how homosexual persons are meant to respond to the situation, why the Church as a whole responds to homosexuality as she does, how we can be compassionate but still not compromise our faith, et cetera.

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