Nebraska Walk For Life

You’re so pro-life, Dr. Seuss!

Okay, so I know the whole “season-for-pro-life” things has ended…but that’s exactly why I’m bringing this post up now.

The crowd at the State Capitol gathers.

In January sometime, I’m pretty sure the third Saturday of the month, but I’m getting old so I can’t quite remember, the Diocese of Lincoln (my home diocese) has their annual Walk for Life, mirroring the National March for Life that happens in Washington, D.C. on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Now, if you’re not from the Lincoln Diocese, you may say to yourself, “Oh wow, a podunk-y little walk with a hundred people maximum. Good blog-worthy post, Hannah.”

And I am here to say – oh ho HO you are so wrong!

A view of part of the crowd gathered between St. Mary’s and the Capitol.

As the fourth most pro-life state in the country (source), Nebraska has no shabby showing at even a seemingly small event such as this. This year an estimated 6,000 protesters showed up to defend the rights of the unborn. Pretty legit considering that would make us the 30th largest city/town in the state at that moment!

Now, sometimes this is a somber affair, especially when recent legislation may have been bad or things aren’t going our way. But this year, it was full of absolute joy! There was laughing, talking, singing, and joyful sharing of experiences throughout the whole march from the State Capitol to the Union on the campus of the University. From grandmas with wheelchairs to babies being hoisted above the crowd, there was not one demographic unfulfilled.

See? Baby on shoulders.

And you also may say to yourself, well, that’s just Catholics. But no! I saw multiple signs for Protestant, Baptist, and Lutheran supporters of the pro-life cause. Cool, right?

I have only been going to the Walk for about 4 years now. And I can tell you, I really do feel like I’m making a difference. Besides praying for abortion – which is a necessary and completely worthy cause – sometimes it’s right to do something a little more. That means a lot of different things for different people. Maybe that’s taking time once a week to go pray at your local abortion clinic. (Did I mention that there have been around 50 students praying at the local abortion clinic from my Newman Center these past couple weeks? Forgive me for bragging, but it’s at 8 a.m. and quite a drive from campus…yeah, we’re legit.)

It was cold! and weirdly shadowy!

However it is you are called to further the pro-life movement, I urge you to take those steps and defend our nation’s unborn. For the first time in history (May of 2009) more citizens of the United States are pro-life than pro-choice (Gallup poll). I’d say that’s pretty neat!

God bless,



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