Writer’s Block

Yes, it happens to all of us, but seriously guys…this is a problem. And instead of wallowing in self-pity or going out and getting crazy to get my (our?) creative juices flowing, I’m trying an alternative method.

Introducing… READER INPUT!

This is the first image that came up on Google Image when I googled “READER INPUT.” I have no idea either.

After that weirdness…here it comes.

We here at TwoCatholicGirls want YOUR input.

Much more relevant graphic, Hannah. Thank you for not being so weird all the time.

No, but seriously – we want your input!

What do you want to hear us blabber on – I mean talk – about?

What questions have you always been dying to ask two Catholic college girls?

Send ’em forth through the literally unexplainable magic of the Internet. (And don’t bother trying to explain the Internet to me. You have no idea how many times I’ve googled it, and I STILL don’t get it. So don’t try.) Comment on this post and let us know.

So there’s your challenge for the week. Come up with awesome, non-boring topics for Caitlin and I to talk about. We will pay you back in spiritual goods, also known as we aren’t rich enough to give out awards so we’ll pray for you instead.

Ready, set, COMMENT!

Oh, and ye-who-shall-not-be-heeded (Internet trolls)? Don’t even bother. Still praying for you though.

Pax tecum – and happy Lent, by the way!



4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Hello Hannah and Caitlin,

    As I write this my homeschooled teenage son is patiently waiting: I stopped helping him study for a a Biology test, though I will be fast! I am a 47 year old mom that was just introduced to your blog by my son. My opinion to having read through your various writings in three words or less is….. I love it! Actually we both do and now you know there are 2 vastly differently age groups/genders that are reading all your thoughts with enjoyment. I have to say that thus far all your posts have delivered thought provoking and interesting topics and I wanted to give you support in continuing to write. Even though I am a devout Catholic myself, I believe your topics to be educational and enjoyable to read by all. I know you asked for input so perhaps writing about how living your faith as a young adult in such a secular world/environment gets tested (such as in your class when you demonstrated such grace not getting irate at “Betty” and your other classmates. Side note – I do think you should revisit this issue with them!) and how you get stronger when it happens. There is so much to discuss about our wonderful faith, I have no doubt you two will come up with many ideas.

  2. Moral relativism, Consolation vs Desolation, Evangelization (you’ve both gone bare-handing before, right? It’d be cool to hear about that), Virtues, Nun Run 2K11.
    These are some ideas, though maybe you’ve written about some of them before. I don’t remember. I like it all.

  3. I’d like to hear about what you think of homosexuality and the Church in general. Suggestion – resist googling it, looking up articles, et cetera, and just write what you think based on what you know right now without using any outside sources first.

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