I love the Duggar Family

I love the Duggar family. I love everything about the khaki-wearing, giant-house-living, home-schooling, Jesus-loving family that they are.

Michelle and Jim Bob (how can you not love that) have 19 children and have been in the news most recently for having lost their 20th baby, Jubilee Shalom Duggar.

The family compiled a beautifully touching slideshow about baby Jubilee, including incredible pictures of Michelle holding her daughter’s hand. Amazing. Let’s not beat around the bush, this family is pro-life to the max. They celebrate each conception, every birth, and every second of their children’s lives. They also mourn the death of a human being.

And you know what else? Most of their viewers are mourning the death of a human being, not the loss of a clump of cells.

I have only found one news article referring to Jubilee as a fetus, and it’s from The Hollywood Gossip, so not exactly top notch journalism (says the amateur-blog-writer).

But just think about that! Professional news sources are using terms like “baby”, “child”, and “daughter” to refer to Jubilee.

NCRegister blogger Jennifer Fulwiler has a much better post about the matter.

This is why I love this family. They are 19 incredible witnesses to an authentic family. Two parents who love and honor each other, 19 beautiful children who are living out a Christian life, and a beautiful daughter in Heaven who is helping the pro-life cause.

Merry Christmas!



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