Just when you think you’ve heard it all…

God speaks to you in ways you never expect.

Earlier tonight, I got a really bad headache and was determined to go to bed early to ward it off and ignore the pain. I checked my email in one last attempt to amuse myself – wishing for some free offer or maybe a magic genie had finally caught up to the technological advantages of wish-giving in the 21st century – and lo and behold, there it was.

This summer, I taught Totus Tuus, a summer catechetical program designed to teach grade schoolers through high schoolers about the coolness of Catholicism. Okay, so that’s not the official description, but that’s what we did. Traveling to parishes and trying to amuse kids in any regard to give them a real idea of the beauty, youth, and TRUTH present in the Church was my life this summer, along with 2 seminarians and another beautiful young Catholic women.

During my first week, I was blessed enough to work with a young girl at a parish here in Lincoln. I won’t disclose her identity, but we’ll just call her Mary. Mary helped during the grade school portion of the day, playing with the kids, amusing them, filling waters, doing all the grunt work without a complaint even through the busy times of sport conditioning at the Catholic high school here in Lincoln. She was there every day with a huge smile lighting up her face, waiting for us to tell her what to do. Of course we took advantage of that – but she loved every minute of it.

That week, I gave (what I regard as my best of the whole summer) a vocational discernment talk, running parallel to the story line present in the book of Ruth. I  was beyond nervous to give a talk, being much more fluent in the written word rather than the spoken, but I gave it anyway. To a bunch of dead stares and apparent-bored expressions (minus my teammates who were on the extreme opposite end, laughing at inappropriate times and cringing visibly, which surprisingly was not that helpful).

Mary emailed me tonight about the talk I’d given. She attended a local retreat held by her Christian Teen group this past weekend, and the talks and Eucharistic Adoration made her think about the talk I had given. (Background necessary: in the talk, I mentioned feeling called to the religious life for awhile.) She was very sweet and wanted my opinion on her feelings of being drawn to the religious life.

God, how wonderful are You! Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that You are present in everything, working through me even across time and space. I needed that pick-me-up, and she needed my advice. It was perfect.




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